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Kyanite-Sillimanite Sand

Kyanite-Sillimanite Sand


  • Synonyms:Kyanite, Kyanite Sand, Kyanite-Sillimanite, Disthene-Sillimanite
  • CAS №:1302-76-7
  • Formula:Al2[SiO4]O
  • ТУ-У:14-10-017-98
  • УКТВЕД:2606000000

Chemical analysis:

Content, wt %StandardTypical
Al2O3 min5758
TiO2 max2,52
Fe2O3 max0,80,8
Cao max0,20,1
MgO max0,40,2
Na2O+K2O max0,10,1
U+Th max220 ppm220 ppm
Moisture max0,50,1
ZrO2 max-0,8

Physical description and properties:

Appearance: Dirty white free running sand. Grain shape: abnormally angular. Grain color: colorless, pale blue, grey.

  • Melting point: 1850 °C
  • Mullite transformation: 1350-1540 °C
  • Specific gravity: 3500-3700 кг/м3
  • Bulk Density: 1860-1920 кг/м3
  • Grain size: 63-200 um
  • Solubility in water: Insoluble
  • Angle of friction: 32°
  • Hardness: 6
  • pH 6,5-7,0
Mineral compositoinContent, wt %
Kyanite - Sillimanite:93-94

Storage: In closed containers or bags, protect from physical damage. Terms of storage unlimited.

End use:

Kyanite - Sillimanite sand is used as raw material for steelmaking refractories, glassmaking refractories, ceramics, mullite manufacture, glass addictive and foundry uses.


-Bulk in railway cars.
-50 kgs bags.
-soft containers (big bags) 1t net


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